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Monday, May 28, 2012

Messages from Isaiah in Revelation

Isaiah, or prophets from the school of Isaiah, prophesied before and during the Babylonian exile. We’re all familiar with images and prophecies in Isaiah that refer to the birth of Christ. Here we’re going to take a flying visit through some other images and prophecies, familiar from our study of Revelation.

1.       Read Isaiah 1:18
Do you remember red being used a color to represent sin in Revelation?

2.       Read Isaiah 6:2
Do you remember any six-winged creatures in Revelation?

Do you remember how many wings the cherubim had in Ezekiel?

Do you think we need to work out the precise definitions of cherubim and seraphim?

King Ahaz asks Isaiah for a sign and received the famous prophecy about the virgin and child in Isaiah 7

3.       Read Isaiah 11:1
How is Jesus described in Revelation 22:16?

4.       Read Isaiah 13:10, 22
Isaiah is prophesying against Babylon. Do the images sounds familiar from Revelation? (See Revelation 6:12-17, 19:17-18)

5.       Read Isaiah 14:12
Do you remember a falling star in Revelation (see Revelation 8:10-11)

6.       Read Isaiah 22:12-13, 22
Isaiah continues with prophecies against each of the nations around Jerusalem. In chapter 22 he preaches against Jerusalem—against the people of God.
Who holds the key in Revelation 3:7?

7.       Read Isaiah 23:15
Isaiah moves on to prophesy against the merchant city, Tyre.
Do you remember the image of the prostitute in Revelation?

Judah’s captivity in Babylon lasted approximately 70 years.

8.       Read Isaiah 24:1, 25:8
Do you think this might be describing the end times?

Who is described as conquering death in Revelation 2:8?

9.       Read Isaiah 29:6-12
Do you remember any earthquakes in Revelation?

Do you remember any battles that were over before they began in Revelation?

Do you remember any sealed scrolls?

10.   Read Isaiah 34:4, 11-13
Isaiah has preached woes to those who rely on Egypt—on help from other human powers. Now he preaches woe to the nations. Are these images familiar?

11.   Read Isaiah 40:1,6,10,31
Isaiah’s story has returned to history in the intervening chapters, and Israel is under attack.
Who brought his reward with him in Revelation? (See Revelation 22:12)

12.   Read Isaiah 41:10
What did Jesus hold in his hand in Revelation? (See Revelation 1:16, 20)

13.   Read Isaiah 44:6, 48:12
Is this image familiar from Revelation (see Rev 1:8, 22:13)

14.   Read Isaiah 49:22-23
Do you remember this image from the letter to Philadelphia? (see Rev 3:9)

15.   Read Isaiah 50:3, 51:7
We’re getting to some memorable end-time images now. Have you seen this one before? (see Revelation 6:12)

16.   Read Isaiah 51:8 (Revelation 14:7)

17.   Read Isaiah 53:7 (Revelation 5:6)

18.   Read Isaiah 56:4-8 (Revelation 2:17)

19.   Read Isaiah 60:19
Does this remind you of the heavenly city at the end of Revelation?

20.   Read Isaiah 62:11
Does this remind you of the end of Revelation?

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