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Road to the Cross

Galilee's Gift is now out in ebook form. Look for it at:



Barnes and Noble: coming soon.

Meanwhile, here are my continuing study notes as I work on Jerusalem Journey

Entering Trials

Nazareth Neighbors is out in paperback! And it's got its first review!

Meanwhile, we're still revisiting the Passion in our Coffee Break Bible Studies, so please feel free to follow along, and enjoy.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Bare wood and wire have bloomed to flowers and by His power death's cruel fire has died.

He is risen indeed!

Entering the Festival

Today was Psalm Sunday, and next week is Easter. It seems a pretty logical time to look at what happened in Jerusalem all those years ago. So here's the second of my "Revisiting the Passion" studies, for our Coffee Break Bible study.

Meanwhile watch out for Galilee's Gift, coming soon--a set of five-minute Bible stories for children (and families and friends) following Jesus during the ministry that led to his Passion.

Entering the Gates

With six studies left before summer in our Coffee Break Bible Study year,  Easter coming soon, and the writing of Jerusalem Journey very much on my mind (Galilee's Gift will come out soon), my study group friends have kindly agreed to let me lead six studies on the Passion. Here's number 1.