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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet the Shepherds

Bethlehem's Baby got it's first review! 

"I especially loved the part where the author illustrates that God didn't place the world on a wall and hang it for display or put it on a bookshelf or table for looks, but He tended it lovingly as a gardener does his garden, such a beautiful way of putting it,"

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I thought I'd celebrate by offering a short piece that didn't make it into the book. Meet the shepherds...

Evening fell and it was silent there on the hills, except for the whispers of sheep munching grass in their sleep, except for the snuffle of shepherds wrapped in rags, watching  empty skies.
"What's that noise?" complained the old man.
A shepherd nudged a sleeping boy awake. "Go sort out your grandfather." And the child complained, "Oh, not again."
"What's that noise?"
"No noise except you Grandpa," muttered the boy.
"Heard your footsteps. Heard your voice. Heard you shouting. You'll wake everyone."
"Go to sleep Grandpa."
The old man took a sip of water from the cup in his grandson's hand. Then he nestled down in his blankets again, snoring while the boy kept watch. When a sheep walked too near the boy opened his eyes and tried to push it away. "Don't wake him again."
"What's that noise?"
"It's nothing Grandpa. It's a sheep."
"Make your mind up Lad. Nothing or something? Come on. A man can't sleep."
The boy sighed wearily. "Neither can a boy."
But soon it was quiet again there on the hills, but for the whisper of sheep, the mutter and moan of shepherds asleep, Grandpa almost stirring then settling again. And suddenly...

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