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Thursday, December 12, 2013

After the real comes the virtual...

There's an amazing Christmas book fair going on, with ebooks for everyone in every genre under the winter sun. Just head on over to, or meet me on the aisle in:

Historical fiction:
Children's fiction:

Of course, the joy of virtual aisles is Bethlehem's Baby can happily stand
in more than one place at once.

Last weekend I stood and sat behind a table at our local Christmas bazaar, so if I seem a little sleepy it's because I spent too long standing in one place. But lots has happened since then.

My Mum's arrived from England.

We spent a happy day with me editing and Mum proofreading Nazareth Neighbors, the sequel to Bethlehem's Baby.

We put up a Christmas tree.

And we bought some wonderful English Christmas food--Christmas pudding, brandy butter, chocolate biscuits... and mincemeat, but no mince pies. Perhaps we'll make them together tomorrow. But first, it's time I started collecting those new stories together into Galilee's Gift.

So here I stand behind my virtual table, at the virtual ebook fair. Welcome, and I'm delighted you stopped by. Would you care to look at some very real ebooks, awaiting your pleasure (and your purchases perhaps....)

Bethlehem's Baby: 40 4-minute read-aloud stories introduce characters, both familiar and otherwise, from the story of the first Christmas, from the wise mens' research student, to the Emperor's advisors, to the little girl who kept asking "Are we nearly there yet."

Genesis People: First in the Five Minute Bible Story Series, this one tells the stories of lots of familiar and unfamiliar characters from Genesis. Do you know how many women Abraham married, or which brother Joseph held in jail?

Exodus Tales: More 5-minute stories, based on up-to-date research and history, tell the story of Moses fleeing Pharaoh, and returning to rescue his people. But why did he tell the Pharaoh they only wanted to go three days out into the desert?

Joshua's Journeys: From desert fire to battles on the plains, what would a child have made of all these troubles?

Psalm Stories: 75 stories, historical, contemporary, fanciful or strange, based on the first 75 psalms. And More Psalm Stories based on the remaining 75.

Christmas! Genesis to Revelation in 100 words a day: Turn your advent calendar into a family event and read a story a day from this book during December. Fully illustrated, and wholly Biblical.

Easter! Creation to Salvation in 100 words a day: Can you make space for a Lenten calendar in 2014? Starting at creation, these 100-word illustrated stories go through the Bible, tracing the message of salvation.

Revelation! Easter to Pentecost in 100 words a day: A calendar to follow Easter! And a book to guide you through the story of Revelation.

Thanksgiving! From Eden to Eternity in 100 words a day: Yes, it's a Thanksgiving calendar for 2014!

And, of course, Inspired by Faith and Science picture books:

A Bible Book of Colors: For preschoolers learning their colors, and parents learning there's far more to heaven's jewels than just a rainbow.

A Bible Book of Numbers: For beginning readers beginning to learn mathematics, and parents trying to answer "How much does God love me?"

A Bible Book of Laws: For maturing readers, and parents, wondering how the Ten Commandments fit together with the Old and New Testament.


A Bible Book of Chess: Give it to your child with a chess set this Christmas. Learn to play together; learn the importance of laws; see how the pieces fit and work together; and maybe even learn your own strengths and weaknesses too!

Thank you for visiting my table. I hope you've virtually enjoyed yourself, and I hope you'll really enjoy the rest of the book fair. Happy Christmas!

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