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Monday, April 28, 2014

Road to the Cross

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Meanwhile, here are my continuing study notes as I work on Jerusalem Journey

Revisiting the Passion – Road to the Cross

1.       Last week we looked at Christ on trial. Can you remember which different venues Jesus was questioned in? What sort of times and places might we expect to be questioned about our faith?

2.       Can you remember what grounds were used for rejecting Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah? What grounds are used to reject his claim today?

3.       Read John 18:14. What was Caiaphas’ reason for rejecting Jesus’ claim? When might we use the same sort of logic to justify our actions?

4.       Read John 18:27. What was Peter’s reason for rejecting Jesus? Are we ever tempted to do the same?

5.       Read Luke 22:70-71. Why does the Sanhedrin reject Jesus? How do we react if we hear claims that don’t fit with our preconceived ideas of religion? How can we tell the difference between avoiding heresy and refusing to listen to truth?

6.       Read Luke 23:9-12. Why does Herod reject Jesus? Why is Jesus silent? How do we react when God seems to be silent?

7.       Read John 19:12. Why does Pilate reject Jesus? Does public opinion have an effect on our faith? Does politics?

8.       Read John 18:39-40. Why do the people reject Jesus? Are we ever tempted to promote our own image of what our Savior should do, rather than waiting to see what God does?

9.       Read Matthew 19:1-3. Why do the soldiers not believe who Jesus is?

10.   Read Luke 23:39. Why does one of the criminals crucified with Jesus reject him? Are we more inclined or less inclined to trust God when things seem hopeless?

11.   Read Matthew 27:39-40. Why do the passersby reject Jesus? Do people reject him in the same way today?

12.   Read Mark 15:34. Who else does Jesus feel rejected by? Why might this be important to us?

13.   Why did the Roman soldiers scourge and mock Jesus? What is ironic about it? Do you remember who else referred to Jesus as “King of the Jews”?

14.   Read Romans 8:17, and Luke 23:26. Paul writes about sharing Christ’s suffering. And the gospels record Simon of Cyrene helping to carry the cross. Do you see any connection?

15.   Read Luke 23:27-31. What is going on here?

16.   Some Christian traditions specify one woman who wipes Jesus’ face with a cloth. She is commemorated in the sixth “station of the cross.” What might be the connection between this story and the weeping women in question 13? Do you see any connection with modern Christian songs where we long to see Jesus’ face? Are we so different from early Christians?

17.   There are 14 traditional Stations of the Cross. In Catholic churches, pictures depicting these will often hang on the walls, starting with number 1 to the left of the altar, going down the left hand side of the church and up the right, to end at number 14 to the right of the altar. Why do you think they may have chosen 14 stations? If you were trying to depict the road to the cross, what “stations” would you stop at?

18.   How many of your “stations” are listed here? What thoughts and prayers do each station inspire in you? And what would you propose for a 15th station?
a.       Jesus is condemned to death
b.      Jesus is given the cross
c.       Jesus falls the first time
d.      Jesus meets his mother
e.      Simon of Cyrene is given the cross
f.        Veronica wipes Jesus’ face
g.       Jesus falls a second time
h.      Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
i.         Jesus falls a third time
j.        Jesus is stripped of his garments
k.       Jesus is nailed to the cross
l.         Jesus dies on the cross
m.    Jesus is taken down from the cross
n.      Jesus is laid in the tomb

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