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Old Testament Tales - Conquest of Canaan

1. What happened at Ai? 2. Who were the Gibeonites? 3. What happened when the sun stood still? 4. What have chariots got to do with Joseph’s tribe? 5. What happened at Shiloh? 6. What was a city of refuge? 7. Where was Gilead? 8. Why didn’t Egypt defend Canaan? 9. Who said “One man of you shall chase a thousand”? 10. What happened at Shechem? The tribes entering Canaan were just that, tribes, and the land they entered was governed by alliances of tribes, supposedly supported by Egypt, though Egyptian power was waning. Bible stories of how the land was conquered reveal a detailed and historically valuable account of tribal life and the lay of the land. Jericho provided a logical bridge-head for invasion, commanding important fertile ground and trade routes. Marching round the walls is a well-known military tactic, lulling defenders into false security; the walls may have fallen victim to invading force even as they tumbled down. Flush from this success, a small Israelite army