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Wishing You Blessings and Hope in the New Year.

The Fall of Jerusalem must have felt like the end of everything, not just the end of an old year. But now we start up our Bible studies with a new year, new dangers and fears, and a continuing hope in the Author of it all. What was known is gone. The future will come, and the past will confirm our hope. (38) Lamentations After the Fall Movies and television news give us fairly comprehensive images of cities being destroyed. So does the Bible. Read 2 Kings 25:8-21 (also Jeremiah 52:12-27). Does all this sound painfully familiar? Can you suggest why a conqueror would remove bronze pillars, etc? Why would he have recruiting officers publically executed? Why is the history of the artifacts (back to Solomon’s time) important? Do people still treat conquered nations (or tribes) this way? Have they in recent history? Why? Read Jeremiah 39:8-10. Why are the poor left behind? Will they become rich? Can you apply this to the fictional interpretations of Revelation, say in the Left Behin