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Sampling Jerusalem Journey

It's time for #sampleSaturday and the virtual ebook fair again--a three day event this time, and I suspect I'm arriving late, but I'll blame jet lag for my tardiness. If you click on the picture above it will take you straight to the facebook page with authors, readers, and ebooks galore for your weekend reading pleasure. Meanwhile, if you read on down this page, you'll find a sample from my upcoming Jerusalem Journey--Easter's mystery retold for children through five-minute stories and simple prayers. Don't forget to visit my author page at Cape Arago Press for up-to-date news of books already published in the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM). A Boy and His Donkey There was once a little boy called Simon who had a little donkey called Joe. Simon’s father kept the stables near the gates of Jerusalem. He looked after sturdy warhorses for Roman soldiers, proud stallions for the governor, strong carthorses for tradesmen, tough wiry donkeys for w

Sampling Galilee's Gift

It's time for another Sample Saturday, so please join us at / and enter through the garden gate to find lots of great reading samples and stories for summer. But first, please scroll down and enjoy an exclusive sample from the upcoming Galilee's Gift, another in the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) from Cape Arago Press . The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes Once there was a boy called Thaddeus whose father was a fisherman. Every day Thaddeus’ father went out on his boat to catch fish. Then Thaddeus would eat fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, fish for dinner, and even dried fish for his snacks. Thaddeus’ mother would put tiny fishes and loaves into his lunch basket every day when he set off for school. Thaddeus would eat them after his lessons at eh synagogue, before going to work in the fields or on the fishing docks. If he was really lucky, his mother even gave him honey cakes as well. One morning Thaddeus’ mother and father s

Coming soon from Cape Arago Press

Sample Saturday's approaching fast and it's time for another visit to the Virtual EBook Fair . Don't miss these great samples from great ebooks--perfect for stocking up for summer traveling. And don't miss the Five-Minute Bible Story Series (TM) from Cape Arago Press either--perfect for Sunday school, bedtime, naptime, family time and more... yes, and for stocking up for summer traveling. I'm working on some New Testament stories to add to the series, so here's your exclusive look at a story from Nazareth Neighbors, set in Nazareth during the childhood of Christ. The Lost Coin When Jesus was small he liked to help his mother Mary around the house. He shook out his sleeping mat all on his own and rolled it up for her as the day began. He carried water from the river in his own little bucket. He cleaned the empty jars and boxes in the store room. And sometimes, just occasionally, when his Mom was in a very good mood, he even stomped the grapes to mak

Coming soon to the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM)

It's time to visit Sample Saturday's Virtual EBook Fair again, and since you've already sampled all the books already published in the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) I thought I'd offer a story from one of the books I'm still working on, so here's a story from Bethlehem's Baby, coming soon from Cape Arago Press. Mary Has a Baby Boy When Baby Jesus was born in a manger, his mother and father had nowhere to stay so they lived in a stable with him. Joseph made a door across the entrance to keep out the wind, but the cave was still cold. Joseph’s family gave Mary and her baby woolen shawls to wrap themselves in. And Mary cuddled her child, peeking under the covers to smell warm milk and honey. Jesus’ tiny fist was bunched just beneath his chin, the thumb still damp and his lips still puckered into a tiny oh as they blew milky bubbles. Mary smiled, feeling warm all over with love for her child.  Upstairs, in the house above the cave, foot