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Heavenly Taxes?

It's our final Coffee Break of the season, so what will you do with your "summer break." I know what we'll be doing after the break - continuing with the final six months of Jesus' life, from Tabernacles to Passover; and I'm very much looking forward to it. During the break I hope to finish my 13th Five-Minute Bible-Story book - John's Joy. It's growing nicely now, and I'm looking forward to its release with IFS books. But back to this week's study. It starts with a "small" miracle - a fish for the Temple tax - and ends with cooking and maiming - quite a leap. But perhaps we all have to pay some kind of taxes... And a new kingdom is coming... (51) No Taxation without …? Jesus is bringing in the kingdom, and it’s not at all the kingdom the disciples expect. The time is just a little before the Feast of Tabernacles (final harvest), and by Passover (first fruits) Jesus will be risen from the dead. This lends an urgency to Jesus

What if we're not who we think we are?

Last week's Transfiguration told the disciples something of who Jesus is. But who does that make them? And who are we? I kind of like the next passage where Jesus' followers find out they're not who they wish they were... (50) So, who are we/they? Peter has declared that Jesus is the Messiah. The Transfiguration has confirmed that declaration. But Jesus, Messiah, great hope of the nation, still insists on saying he’s going to die, which had to be confusing. And then there’s the question of who or what his disciples will be. Do followers of a Messiah become powerful by association? Do we think we are wiser, better able to support (compared, say, with “sending good thoughts”)…   just because we know Jesus? Read Matthew 17:14-16, Mark 9:14-18, Luke 9:37-40 1.        How might the disciples have felt at their inability to help? How do we feel when public prayers for someone else don’t seem to be answered? Does that mean we should only pray privately, to avoid embarr