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Elijah and Elisha

Which half of David and Solomon’s kingdom did Elijah and Elisha live in? How did Samaria become the capital of Israel? Who was Ahab? What did Jezebel do? Which prophet raised someone from the dead? Who spoke with a still small voice? How did Naboth lose his vineyard? What were Elishas’ first three miracles? Who was Naaman? Which three kings fought against Moab? Omri, king of the northern kingdom of Israel by conquest, buys a hill and builds a city (hills were good, defensible places for cities) called Samaria, which then becomes the capital of Israel. Omri’s son Ahab marries the Zidonian princess Jezebel and institutes Baal worship, possibly even child sacrifice, among the Jews of Israel (1 Kings 16). Under Jezebel’s authority, Jewish prophets are slaughtered but Obadiah hides some away (1 Kings 18). Meanwhile Elijah prophesies a drought then hides by a brook where ravens feed him, afterwards staying with a widow in Zarephath where o