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Is it time for us to count the cost too?

Combining the Gospel accounts is so intriguing, and no one can have a definitive solution to whether certain events happened more than once, certain phrases and instructions were repeated or only said once, certain times and seasons passed between one paragraph and the next... But we do know Jesus lived and walked and taught. And we do know that what he taught changed the world. He said he was the Son of Man, and he even said "I am." So will we follow him? (61) The Cost of Discipleship The Feast of Tabernacles is over, and Jesus has most likely returned to Galilee. John’s Gospel continues with Jesus back in Jerusalem for the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah: John 10:22 ) in winter. But first we join the disciples in the northern wilds of the country… Read Matthew 8:18-22, Luke 9:57-62 Jesus sails from one side of the lake to the other with his fishermen disciples and walks along a road, teaching and preaching. But what does it cost to join that discipleship team? 1.    

Are we Sheep?

I'm really enjoying our Coffee Break's time in John, and this week we're moving on the "I am the Good Shepherd" story--familiar, fascinating and beloved... (but are we sheep?) Meanwhile, on the writing front, I'm working on John's Joy again (at last), and Questioning Faith is on its third revision. I am so so so grateful to friends who have been praying for, advising and helping me. (60) Shepherds and Sheep The no-longer blind man has been thrown out of the synagogue, and chooses to follow Jesus rather than the Pharisees. What choices have we made about who we should follow, what church we should join etc., and what influenced our choices? Jesus now tells a parable, to the crowd, the blind man, and the listening Pharisees. Read John 10:1-2 1.        I’d always imagined this parable being told up in Galilee, among the regular fishermen and shepherds of the world. But instead Jesus appears to be speaking in Jerusalem. Were shepherds held in high

I am the...? And you?

Last week's study ended with Jesus hurrying out of the Temple are as the people tried to stone him. Another of those heretical "I am"s had provoked the crowd. But now a quieter "I am the..." is about to be repeated. So we're starting this week's study with coffee (for coffee break) and a quick look at the seven "I am the..."s. I wonder what we'd come up with if someone asked us to describe ourselves with seven "I am the..." or maybe "I am a..." statements? (59) Light of the World, revisited So… who is Jesus? They’ve just chased Jesus out of the Temple for saying “I am,” and now he’s about to repeat one of the great “I am the…” statements. Did you notice last week that John lists 7 signs. He also lists 7 “I am the…”s: 1.        The Bread of Life John 6:25 2.        The Light of the world John 8:12 3.        The door John 10:9 4.        The Good shepherd John 10:11 5.        The Resurrection and the Life Jo