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Refugees in a Biblical World

Last time's study got cut short, so this continues straight on from where we left off, with political, religious and military machinations dominating a word that's not so different from our own. (20) Unification at a Price History: Israel has fallen, as prophesied by Micah, Isaiah and others. ( Read 1 Chronicles 5:26, 2 Kings 15:29 , 17:5-6). Its people have been forcibly resettled by Assyria’s rules, sent to foreign lands while foreigners take over their homes and farms. 1.        The same thing continues to happen in Israel throughout history. Is there a recent time when inhabitants of Israel might consider themselves to have been forcibly resettled while foreigners took over their farms? 2.        Does it help, when thinking of modern injustice, to view it through the eyes of Biblical history, or do modern events undo the past? Social Issues: Survivors or refugees from Israel can easily be imagined fleeing back to Judah. Meanwhile the borderlands between I

Is History Relevant Today?

We're still looking at Biblical history and Biblical prophets. Nations rose, grabbed land, conquered peoples, were distracted by wars from without and temptations within, and fell as others took their place. Is it so different from today?  (19) Whatever Happened to Israel (and why)? History:   The king of Israel is caught between warring nations. Assyria controls most of the surrounding lands, and even Judah is only nominally independent. Meanwhile in the South, Egypt, conquered by Ethiopia, has split into separate states governed by different leaders, of whom So (v4 - either Osorkon or the king of Sais/Sois who later reunites the country - is probably one of the most powerful). When Hoshea tries to wheedle out of paying tribute to Assyria turns to Egypt for aid, things go badly. Read 2 Kings 17:1-4 . Israel is left defenseless and without a king. Her traditional enemy Judah might gloat or rejoice but what should they do? 1.        Read Isaiah 28:1-6 Why do we think thi