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Insults, demons and witnesses

Our Coffee Break women are still metaphorically sitting at Jesus' feet in the women's court of the Temple, listening to our teacher and trying to figure out who he is and what he's teaching us. Of course, the authorities have ideas, and questions, of their own... (58) Time for some Serious Discussion… The ordinary people (including women) gathered around Jesus have an interest in knowing who’s speaking. The authorities want to know whose authority is represented. What do you want to find when you read John’s gospel? 1.        Read John 8:48 Is this an insult? What ways have you heard Jesus, or your faith in Jesus, insulted? 2.        Read John 8:49 Have they accused Jesus of being demon-possessed before? a.        Read Matthew 9:32-34, 12:22-28, Mark 3:20-29, Luke 11:14-15. Were these events earlier or later? b.       What was happening on these occasions? What makes people “dishonor” God and faith? 3.        Read John 8:49-50 How does verse 50 answer the “y

Does the Truth set you Free?

We left Jesus in the Temple, surrounded by believers, but still being tested by the authorities. So now the discussion continues and we're reading slowly 'cause there's a lot going on. Hope you're enjoying following along with us. (57) Who Believes in Him? As Jesus preached in the Women’s Court, “many believed in Him” ( Read John 8:30 ), so now he has a crowd of believers gathered around him, and he speaks. Plus some officials who are less inclined to believe… 1.        Read John 8:31-32. What word/teaching did his hearers (people and officials) normally care about? What teaching matters most to us? a.       How do we abide in/hold onto Jesus’ word? b.       Is this different from reading the Bible (Old and New Testament)? c.        How does that make us disciples? 2.        Pilate asked “What is truth?” ( Read John 18:38 ) How does truth set us free? 3.        Read John 8:33 His listeners were subject to Rome. What did they mean by saying they were fr


It's still the Feast of Tabernacles in our Coffee Break, and the "time has not yet come." I'm intrigued by how I'd always imagined all these spiritual discussions to have occurred in the final weeks of Jesus' life. How good I am at failing to read! (Great confession for a writer, right?) Anyway, Jesus has just failed to throw any stones, and now he's back inside the Temple, being questions in the Court of the Women... (56) Light of the World As the Feast of Tabernacles draws to a close, Jesus continues to debate with the Pharisees and officers of the church. Tabernacles reminds people of wandering in the wilderness, a time when light might have been important, and when the light of a pillar of fire had so recently guided them. Read John 8:12-20 1.        Read John 7:28-30, 8:20 The treasury was probably where the chests were placed for collection of money, in the “public” women’s court. It’s just outside where the Sanhedrin would have met. Who do y

Casting Stones

We only got through half the study in our group last week, so here's the second half - that famous passage where Jesus invites whoever is without sin to cast the first stone. A favorite passage? A debatable passage? An unfavorite...? Personally I really like the passage because my grandfather used it in a church meeting to stop the endless debate over whether a youth leader could retain his position. The youth leader went on to be a powerful church leader; just as well no stones were cast. (55) Casting Stones John’s gospel continues with a well-known example of love vs. law. The passage, about a woman caught in adultery, is not found in the oldest copies of John’s gospel. 1.        Do you think it harms or benefits Christians to look at the history of how the Bible came to us? 2.        The opening of John’s gospel is not in all copies either. Textual analysts suggest the opening and this story might not have been in John’s original book: the opening because it’s writte