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More about Easter than Christmas, but who is my neighbor?

Okay, it's not a Christmassy Bible study, but our Coffee Break group is clearly in the runup to Easter by now. Our timeline might seem a little odd, but we're trying to follow days and years while the Gospel writers were following ideas. And here's where we find ourselves, just after last week's study where Jesus promised Fire and Brimstone for cities that he loved. (63) Samaritan Tales Remember John 8:48. “Samaritan” was the ultimate insult. But Jesus is planning to return to Jerusalem (perhaps for the Feast of Dedication— John 10:22— in winter); Samaria lies on the shortest route. It’s also the most local “bad place” and Jesus has just been talking about the dire fate in store for “good places” that reject him. Read Luke 9:51-56 1.        Read Luke 9:53 Why didn’t the Samaritans want Jesus in their village? Was it just that Jesus was a Jew, or is something more going on? (After all, they liked him earlier— John 4:40 .) 2.        Read Luke 9:54 Why might Jam

Fire and Brimstone and Good News?

We're back with just a couple more Coffee Breaks to go before Christmas - well, two studies and a Christmas Brunch, because sometimes you just have to eat as well as drinking coffee. Last time we saw Jesus sending out 70 disciples to preach in his name, and we pondered how we too might be being sent -- and at what cost. But this week the disciples return and fire and brimstone are threatened for the most unlikely places... (62) Fire and Brimstone and Good News Jesus has sent his 70 followers out through Galilee. Some places accept them and welcome Jesus. And some don’t. It’s kind of surprising which cities don’t accept him though. Read Luke 10:13-15, Matthew 11:20-24 1.        Read John 1:44, 12:21 Chorazin was a medium-sized town producing wheat. Bethsaida was the home of Philip, Andrew and Peter. Both were on the North shore of the Sea of Galilee. How important were they to Jesus? a.        What great works of Jesus come to mind when you think of that region? b