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Not a Bible study - some poems for Easter

Kimberly Blackadar has posted some beautiful Easter poems on her blog, including one from me, so I just thought I'd share a link with you: Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, and thanking you for your support as I share my Bible studies with you. Please come back later for more Old Testament Tales.

Old Testament Tales- Solomon

1. Who were Solomon’s brothers and which were born of the same mother? 2. How did Solomon come to be king? 3. Why was Solomon a good military choice? 4. What sort of promises did David require of Solomon? 5. What sort of wisdom did Solomon have, and why? 6. How did Solomon judge between two women? 7. How did Solomon organize the country? 8. How did Solomon relate to neighboring countries? 9. How had Israel changed between Saul’s time and Solomon’s time? 10. How had the armies changed? People with lots of wives and concubines tend to have large families, and David’s family was no exception (1 Chron 3). The wives he married in Hebron (before becoming king) gave him six sons, Amnon (born of Ahinoam, a Jezreelite; Amnon died after raping Tamar), Daniel (born of Abigail, a Carmelite), Absalom (grandson of the King Of Geshur; Tamar’s brother, he died after leading a rebellion), Adonijah (son of Haggith, heir apparent—he had himself proclaimed king when David dies, but Bathsheba an