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Happy Easter!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing (or in the crows' case, making lots of noise), the flowers are blooming, the grass (and weeds) are growing up to my knees, and at a wonderful Easter Sunday service this morning we sang hymns and songs in a packed out church, decorated a plain wooden cross with glorious blooms, and turned sadness to joy, filling the church with the sights and scents of renewal. Praise God! And Happy Easter everyone! He is risen indeed... just as he said! I'm working on my next books in the Five-Minute Bible Bible Story series for Cape Arago Press, and turning my research and attentions to the New Testament. Today we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection, and next week in our Coffee Break Bible Study Group, we'll look back and the birth and childhood of the real-world, real-history person who died to give us life. In a generous (and powerful) gesture to encourage me with my research and writing, my Coffee Break friends asked me to lead t