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Playing with tradition

I'm working on my next book of children's Bible stories--Galilee's Gift. It's set in Galilee, not too surprisingly, and it covers, for the most part, the miracles of Jesus, as seen through different, child-friendly characters' eyes. Of course, not all Jesus' miracles take place in Galilee. There are a lot around Capernaum, and quite a few in Bethsaida, which may or may not be the same place. Some occur in Tyre and Sidon in the north, and others on the Samaritan road to Jerusalem. But then there are those on the Jordan river road too, near Jericho and beyond. So where should I place them all? Just to add to my confusion, some events look the same and happen in the same order in different accounts, while others look the same and happen in a different order, and still others really don't look much the same but are often, traditionally treated as if they were. Take Mary Magdalene for example. She might have lived in Magdala, a tiny village on the west co