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Meanwhile, in Judah...

How did the golden shields in Solomon's temple turn into bronze? How is the mother of Abijam related to his father? Where did the Ethiopians do during Asa’s reign? What illness did King Asa have? What did Asa do with the remaining temple gold? How did it affect Jehoshaphat? Who were Micaiah and Zedekaiah? What happened to the relationship with Edom under Jehoram, Jehoshophat’s son? Who caused the deaths of a king of Israel and a king of Judah, both at the same time? What was Jehu famous for?  Rehoboam retains only the southern part of Israel, called Judah for the predominant tribe, after the country splits. Although he’s said to have lost ten tribes, in fact the land belongs to Judah, Simeon and Benjamin, and there are still Levites living there. It also contains Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple, and the Temple treasures, but Shishak of Egypt attacks and steals the gold, so Rehoboam makes fake treasures from bronze. Rehoboam’s son Ab