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Last Days of the Dynasty

We're going to take a break from our Bible studies during the summer, so this is the last one till the fall. Jerusalem is about to be conquered by Babylon. The nation will again be split in two. And fall will take our studies to Babylon, where Daniel and Ezekiel preach. Poor old Jeremiah gets left behind to watch things fall apart, and we'll revisit him too, and Isaiah. But for now, here's a study of an old dynasty's last days. Watch this space for other studies or stories as we wait for Fall, and thank you for following along with us.  (26) Jeremiah – A Reluctant Prophet Judah is falling apart. Cities are falling to the invading Babylonians. Refugees are crowding into Jerusalem. Among the refugees are a small tribe called the Recabites. God uses them to convey an important message through Jeremiah. 1.        The Recabites are descended from Jonadab, who appeared briefly in the story of Jehu, when God used him to oppose King Ahab of Israel.   Read 2 Kings 10:

When the World starts falling apart...

The more I read about Jeremiah, the more he feels like a real person, committed, conflicted, struggling with real doubts and fears, yet always reminding himself, through prayer, to trust in God. This week's study takes him from the day he got kicked out of the Temple to the day the Babylonians camped at the gates of Jerusalem - scary times, and the whole world's falling apart. (25) Jeremiah Jeremiah wasn’t born in Jerusalem, but he probably did most of his growing up in the Temple, associating with his father and the good king Josiah. Now Jehoiakim’s on the throne and things are falling apart. After Jeremiah’s big sermon in the courtyard of the Temple, his life is threatened. A few good priests speak up for him, but he’s banned from the Temple – his home – and God sends him to preach in Jerusalem and other cities of Judah. 1.        Reade Jeremiah 11:1-5. How big a deal is disobedience? Why doesn’t this mean we have to obey the letter of Jewish dietary law or have our