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Meeting a ghost?

 Last week our group followed Mary and Cleopas (or possibly some other unknowns) on the road to Emmaus and met a rather familiar stranger. They rush back to tell the disciples who they've seen, and, of course, no one quite believes them. The same old story. Until suddenly... (112) Meeting the Risen Lord The risen Jesus appears to the others as well. 1.       Read Luke 24:36-37 Does it surprise you that Jesus’ disciples believe in ghosts? a.       Are wrong beliefs evil, or simply incorrect? 2.       Read Luke 24:38 Why were the disciples afraid? Why might they have been doubtful or unwilling to believe? a.       When something good happens, do we sometimes doubt? b.       What about when something bad happens? 3.       Read Luke 24:39-40, John 20:19-20   What’s so important about Jesus’ wounds? a.       What’s so important about Jesus saying “Peace”? b.       Do we have peace? What does peace enable us to do? 4.       Read Luke 24:40-43 What’s so special about Jesus’ eating? a.   

What happens when that stranger turns out to be a friend?

 It's been a "long and winding" year, but we're getting back to those Gospel Bible studies at last, and here's the next in the series: (111) Some Very Important Meetings Last time (yes, I know, a long long time ago) we read Mark’s cryptic comment that the risen Lord had appeared to “two of them.” This time we’ll join those two, travelling from Jerusalem after the crushing of all their hopes – having heard rumors of resurrection, but clearly not believing them. 1.       Read Luke 24:13-18, John 19:25 Who is traveling, where and why? a.       Some traditions say Clopas was the brother of Joseph, making Mary the “sister” of Jesus’ mother Mary.   Clopas’ son Simeon becomes Bishop of Jerusalem after the destruction of the city in 70 AD, which might make him Jesus' cousin. But what difference does all this make to how we view the story? b.       Was Jesus’ face hidden by supernatural means, or natural? How easily would you recognize someone if you knew they