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Three Types of Sin

Continuing the journey through Acts - I should get lots of great stories from these, but making them into children's stories will be fun and challenging.

How to Start a Religion?

We're coming up to our next Coffee Break Bible Study, so here is our next set of questions from Acts:

Words and Wonders in Acts

We went to London while we were visiting family in England. There's a wonderful living sculpture being created there, a sea of poppies flowing out from and around the Tower of London, different every day as more are added, designed to remind us of all the soldiers lost in the First World War. It's hard to look at that view and not feel impressed, and not wonder about the sea of blood that flowed on Flanders' fields, and not regret those lives lost to us all.

In a world where lives are still being lost in war, where man's cruelty to man continues to revel in horror and death, where Satan still imagines he holds sway, it's good to remember, God wins in the end. And here, in the second chapter of Acts, we'll see how God's new soldiers started their task.