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A Roman Soldier Takes Charge

Another excerpt from Bethlehem's Baby for your reading pleasure. Find Bethlehem's Baby on Amazon at: or on Smashwords: Follow the Bethlehem's Baby blog tour at: or meet me at the Facebook Event: And don't forget to visit the Virtual EBook Fair for more reading samples this weekend: As the world changes... so many things stay the same... ~ 16 ~ THE ROMAN SOLDIER (Luke 2:1-4) In a town called Bethlehem, near a city called Jerusalem, in a country called Judea, in the great and wonderful Roman Empire, a riot was brewing. Too many people had all traveled at once to the little town, to stay with their relatives

Meet the Shepherds

Bethlehem's Baby got it's first review!  " I especially loved the part where the author illustrates that God didn't place the world on a wall and hang it for display or put it on a bookshelf or table for looks, but He tended it lovingly as a gardener does his garden, such a beautiful way of putting it ," says A Kid's Review. Click here for more: Plus, don't miss this author interview at: Bethlehem's Baby is available on kindle from Amazon at and NOW on kobo, nook etc from Smashwords at I thought I'd celebrate by offering a short piece that didn't make it into the book. Meet the shepherds... Evening fell and it was silent there on the hills, except for the w

Bethlehem's Baby preparing to go on tour

Don't miss the Virtual EBook Fair--just click on the image to find it. Bethlehem's Baby will begin its blog tour in October, but I'm numerically and, apparently, calendrically challenged, so watch out for the first post appearing later this month, with a huge thank you to all my kind hosts and the usual cry out for more. Would you like to host me on your blog? Would you publish a guest post from me about these stories of Bethlehem? Click on the image for an excerpt, or enjoy the quotes below from characters in the book: Can you guess where they come into the story? "Let's tax dead people!" "Tell God we're too old to be parents." "Why me?" "Why does God want smelly pigeons?" "Who are you? And how did you get in here?" "God doesn't send angels to bor..." "Why does he have to be Jesus and not Steven or Sam?" "What's a calendar?" "Yes, it's a river.&quo

Bethlehem's Baby NOW available !

Are you going to the Virtual EBook Fair? Click on the image above then head through the gates to find lots of reading samples for another Sample Saturday. Or click on this image to read the first few pages of Bethlehem's Baby, available NOW on Amazon Kindle! The link for UK readers is: