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Road to the Cross

Galilee's Gift is now out in ebook form. Look for it at: Amazon: Smashwords: Barnes and Noble: coming soon. Meanwhile, here are my continuing study notes as I work on Jerusalem Journey Revisiting the Passion – Road to the Cross 1.        Last week we looked at Christ on trial. Can you remember which different venues Jesus was questioned in? What sort of times and places might we expect to be questioned about our faith? 2.        Can you remember what grounds were used for rejecting Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah? What grounds are used to reject his claim today? 3.        Read John 18:14. What was Caiaphas’ reason for rejecting Jesus’ claim? When might we use the same sort of logic to justify our actions? 4.        Read John 18:27. What was Peter’s reason for rejecting Jesus? Are we ever tempted to do the same? 5.

Entering Trials

Nazareth Neighbors is out in paperback ! And it's got its first review! Meanwhile, we're still revisiting the Passion in our Coffee Break Bible Studies, so please feel free to follow along, and enjoy. Happy Easter! Revisiting the Passion – Enter the Trial 1.        Last week we looked at the Jesus’ Last Supper, eaten at Passover with his disciples. Read Luke 22:15. Why might Jesus have “eagerly” awaited this meal? Given what’s about to happen, why might Jesus tell Judas to effectively “get on with it”? Read John 13:27b 2.        At the end of the meal, Jesus and his disciples leave the city again. Which gate do you think they leave by, and what might be significance of Jesus being led captive back into the city through that gate? Read Matthew 26:30, and see question 1 from last week. 3.        Without looking ahead, what events do you remember taking place when Jesus leaves the city to pray? 4.        Read Matthew 26:31-32. When did Jesus’ disciples r

Happy Easter!

  Bare wood and wire have bloomed to flowers and by His power death's cruel fire has died. He is risen indeed!

Entering the Festival

Today was Psalm Sunday, and next week is Easter. It seems a pretty logical time to look at what happened in Jerusalem all those years ago. So here's the second of my "Revisiting the Passion" studies, for our Coffee Break Bible study. Meanwhile watch out for Galilee's Gift, coming soon--a set of five-minute Bible stories for children (and families and friends) following Jesus during the ministry that led to his Passion. Revisiting the Passion – Enter the Festival 1.        Last week we looked at Jesus entering Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. Is there any particular significance to the gate Jesus chose to enter by? Read Luke 19:28-31, Ezekiel 44:1-3 If Bethphage was near the Mount of Olives, Jesus would have entered through the Golden Gate, on the East side of the city. Traditionally God’s glory and God’s Messiah would come through that gate, but it was sealed by Muslims in the 1500s. Some Christian traditions say Mary’s parents met under this gate—carrying

Entering the Gates

With six studies left before summer in our Coffee Break Bible Study year,  Easter coming soon, and the writing of Jerusalem Journey very much on my mind (Galilee's Gift will come out soon), my study group friends have kindly agreed to let me lead six studies on the Passion. Here's number 1. Revisiting the Passion – where to begin? 1.       Our pastor's Lenten sermon series follows two disciples on the road to Emmaus, effectively preparing us for the story of the Passion by beginning after it has happened. What do you think we gain by viewing a familiar story from an unexpected starting point? 2.        Without looking at the later questions, where might you choose as a starting point to the story of Easter? 3.        Genesis 3:15 promises enmity between Satan and the offspring of woman. Why might this be a good starting point? 4.        In Genesis 12:1-3 God promises a descendant of Abraham will bless all families of the earth. Could you start here?