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How do you pray?

(103) Let Us Pray Gethsemane looms. We know it’s coming, but, for Jesus’ disciples, our last few studies were just a special dinner with rather a long discussion afterward. How should long discussions end in church—with total agreement? With cautious acknowledgement? With respectful disagreement…? Read John 17:1 How should long discussions end in church? I have overcome the world: Read John 16:29-33 1.        The disciples sounded pretty confident, but we know events will prove otherwise. What matters more: sounding confident, or knowing where our confidence lies? 2.        Did the disciples have peace as Jesus went to the cross? Should we expect to always feel peace ? 3.        If Jesus has overcome the world, why are there so many threats to peace? And how should we respond ? This is eternal life: Read John 17:1-5 1.        My Bible heads these verses with “Jesus prays for himself.” What sort of prayers do you pray for yourself ? 2.        Jesus prays for “glory.” Wha

What does it mean to ask "in his name"?

(102) What does it mean to ask "in his name"? Several times now, Jesus has promised his disciples that a “helper” will come. Why did they really need this promise at this time? Why do we really need it, and how often do we remind ourselves of the promise ? Read John 16:1-4 1.        Who famously believe he was doing God’s work when he attacked the disciples? Read Acts 9:1-2 2.        Who, in more recent years, have attacked whole denominations of disciples, believing it was God’s work? 3.        Who do you feel attacked by, and who are you attacking ? 4.        Is faith meant to be easy? Why do some people feel betrayed by God when faith turns out to be painful? Read John 16:5-11 1.        Who asked Jesus where he was going in earlier passages? Read John 8:21-22, 13:35-37 2.        Why did nobody ask him now? When is it right to stop asking questions? 3.        What did Jesus’ death gain for us, besides forgiveness of sins? 4.        Verses 8-11 define

Looking for Help and Hope--Finding Struggle

(101) The Promise of Help, Hope and Struggle You’ve probably noticed by now, John’s Gospel has a lot more of Jesus’ teaching and dialogs. I’ve read that some people suggest this is because it’s written later, and so the Holy Spirit had longer to work on John, inspiring his understanding of what he’d seen and heard. Read John 14:26. What do you think? So now we’ll move on to more of Jesus’ teaching, close to the time of his death (and possibly at the Last Supper), and we’ll start with a familiar verse: Abide in me: Read John 15:4a If you started at verse 1 you’d have seen this part of the “I am the Vine” discourse—did you remember it that way? What does abiding in Him mean to you, besides being a great hymn? I am the Vine: Read John 15:1-8 1.        Read John 15:1-3 When has God pruned you? What have you seen in your life that you want him to prune? 2.        Read John 15:4 When have you been particularly aware of something you could only do with God’s help? 3.        Read

Is it the End?

  Have we really reached our 100th study in this "chronological" life of Christ? (I guess, since I started at zero, that should be the 101st.) Meanwhile, in a time of trial and tribulation, we look at Jesus' final words to his disciples... (100) End of Life Discussion Jesus’ disciples are facing some serious tribulation. It’s Passover. They’re already scared of the crowds—no nice Sea of Galilee to escape onto here. The authorities are out to get them. Jesus says he’s going to die. The only way things can get worse is if Jesus really does die. So how eagerly will they be listening to whatever he tells them in this “final” conversation? I am the way the truth and the life : Read John 14:6 1.        This is the first of several statements about “who” Jesus is – How important is this statement to you? 2.        Which part of the statement is more important to you? 3.        What “I am” statements has Jesus already given them? ( Read John 6:35, 8:12, 10:7,11, 11:25)