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Reading Psalms and Playing with Fire at the Virtual EBook Fair

It's Sample Saturday again, and time for another story from the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM). I've already posted samples from

Book 1: Genesis People Book 2: Exodus Tales Book 3: Joshua's Journeys
Book 4: Psalm Stories
so here's a sample from Book 5: More Psalm Stories

 Since the last sample was a story about playing with fire, I decided to pick another fire story for this week.

So here I am at the fair again...

Here I am at the virtual book fair again, offering a five-minute story from Joshua's Journeys, book three of the Five Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) from Cape Arago Press. After you've read the excerpt, click on the Virtual Ebook Fair image above to find more books and samples from other authors, and enjoy!

The Israelites escaped from Egypt in Book Two (Exodus Tales) and made their way to Mount Sinai where God gave them his laws. They've built and furnished God's temple at last and Aaron's sons have trained with him as priests. Now it's time for the great sacrifice before their journey begins to the Promised Land.

Five Minutes at the Virtual Book Fair

The Five Minute Bible Story Series is at the Virtual eBook Fair again this weekend. Just click on the link to find authors and ebooks galore, with samples to read, book information and more... Though I'd love to have you read the rest of this post before you go there. After all, this is my booth at the virtual ebook fair, and I'm inviting you to read a sample story from Exodus Tales this time. Imagine children at the time of Moses, watching their fathers dragged off as slaves, eating a frantic meal in the dark, setting off on a trek across the desert--and what was that column of smoke ahead that turned to fire by night and why couldn't they touch it...

Sampling more from the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM)

Welcome to Sample Saturday again. Just click on the picture and follow the links to lots more wonderful samples from lots more books. Or click on the video and hear a story read from More Psalm Stories--75 stories and prayers inspired by Psalms 76 to 150. Or read on for excerpts from all five books in the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series. I hope you might spend more than five minutes enjoying my virtual booht and maybe, if so inspired, you might even buy a few books on kindle to share with your kids and grandkids.

Five-Minute Bible Stories--the perfect length at bedtime to have your children "asking for more."
Thirty-Second Prayers--the perfect length at bedtime before they go to sleep.
Cape Arago Press--the home of the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) and much much more.

Book 1: Genesis People. Meet characters familiar and unfamiliar from the book of Genesis and see them through a child's eyes: Click here to read sample stories from the book.

Book 2: Exodus Tales.…

Sample Saturday EBook Fair - Psalm Stories

I'm manning a virtual booth at the virtual book fair again, and this time Psalm Stories is taking the Spotlight. Psalm Stories will be free on Amazon Kindle from tomorrow, Sunday May 2nd, to Thursday May 9th. Don't miss your chance for 75 free 5-minute bedtime Bible stories.

If you'd like to listen to a sample story from the collection, just watch this video. And if you'd rather read for yourself, scroll down the page for another Psalm Story, or click here for a longer sample. I hope you'll enjoy them. I hope you'll enjoy them enough to download a free book tomorrow. And then I hope you'll enjoy them enough to think of collecting the set... well, except for the fact that I'm still writing numbers six, seven, eight and nine. Look out for Bethlehem's Baby, Nazareth Neighbors, Galilee's Gift and Jerusalem Journey coming from Cape Arago Press later this year!

So, here's a story inspired by the famous Yorkshire folk song, On Ilkley Moor 'Bah…