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3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, more?

Welcome to the Virtual EBook Fair again, where you can read lots of real samples of real ebooks and meet lots of real authors too. Just click on the picture and you'll be there! Have you been taking your #OneADayGenesis prescription? Every day on Twitter you'll find #OneADayGenesis tweets with links to that day's five-minute story. Download one story Read to the kids at bedtime and repeat... That's my publisher's prescription for bedtime fun until the kids go back to school. But you want a sample story here and now. Really? Okay. Here's a 3-minute story from Exodus Tales (the sequel to Genesis People)--Remember those midwives? ~ 5 ~ THE MIDWIVES (Exodus 1:15-22) When the Israelites lived in Egypt there were two ladies, called Shiprah and Puah, who looked after all the Israelite mothers that were going to have babies. Shiprah and Puah knew a lot about health and good medicines for mothers and babies. But they didn’t have any ch

A Prescription for Summer

Yes, it's Sample Saturday again. Just go to The Facebook Event Page to find short samples from lots and lots and lots of great ebooks, then load up your kindles, kobos, nooks and computers and enjoy your summer. I'm adding some sample pictures below for a change instead of a story. Someone suggested the upcoming Bethlehem's Baby might benefit from illustrations, so these are my first few sketches. I'd love to know what you think. Meanwhile, that "prescription for summer" thing... Click on the image for Genesis People on Kindle If you're on twitter, look out for #OneADayGenesis tweets from Tuesday (July 16th) to the end of the vacation. My publisher's offering this great prescription for happy families: Take one free story from Genesis People. Read at bedtime with the kids. Enjoy. Repeat. If you don't have any kids handy, read the stories at bedtime without kids and enjoy them just the same. And now for those sample

Sampling a story of freedom from the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM)

Welcome to another Sample Saturday Five-Minute Bible Story. Since this is July 4th weekend, where American's celebrate freedom and Independence, it seems appropriate to post a story celebrating freedom and dependence on God, so here's a familiar tale, told, I hope, in a slightly unfamiliar manner, about a famous shepherd called... well, I'll let you guess. ~ 12 ~ THE SHEPHERD AND THE BURNING BUSH (Exodus 3:1-6,11-12, 4:1-17) There was once a man who lived with his wife and his father-in-law and had two sons. This man was a shepherd. Every year, when the weather got hot, he would take his father-in-law’s sheep across the desert to the Holy Mountain to graze. As they climbed through the desert, the air would get cooler. When they reached the mountains the grass grew soft and green and kept the sheep healthy. The man liked taking the sheep to the Holy Mountain, even though he wasn’t sure he believed in his father-in-law’s god. It was quiet up there, with