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Happy Christmas!

Shepherds and kings Wise men and strangers Angels with wings Gathered all 'round a manger Where mother and child, With the donkey and lamb, Saw a bright future smile, For this gift of the heavenly "I am."

Just released... Nazareth Neighbors

Number seven in the Five Minute Bible Story(TM) Series, Nazareth Neighbors was released yesterday, just in time for Christmas Kindle reading with the kids at bedtime. It's been a long time growing, from seeds of ideas, to cautious wonderings, to a feeling that this really was how I should tell the tale of Jesus' childhood. No mystery boy raising doves from the dead, no traveler roaming the seven seas with his uncle to Cornwall's shore, no mystic strolling through Asia, nor yet a mystery twin hiding in Japan... Nazareth Neighbors is the tale of an extraordinary boy living an ordinary, everyday life, on the streets and in the synagogue school of a tiny town in Israel. From the publisher's blurb: Matthew’s Gospel narrative brings the Holy Family back from Egypt and home to Nazareth in Galilee. He then leaps ahead over twenty-five years and begins his next chapter with John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness. Likewise, Luke sends them to Nazareth assuring us t

After the real comes the virtual...

There's an amazing Christmas book fair going on, with ebooks for everyone in every genre under the winter sun. Just head on over to , or meet me on the aisle in: Historical fiction: Children's fiction: Christian/Inspirational: Holiday: Of course, the joy of virtual aisles is Bethlehem's Baby can happily stand in more than one place at once. Last weekend I stood and sat behind a table at our local Christmas bazaar, so if I seem a little sleepy it's because I spent too long standing in one place. But lots has happened since then. My Mum's arrived from England. We spent a happy day with me editing and Mum proofreading Nazareth Neighbors, the sequel to Bethlehem's Baby. We put up a Chris