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Define Speck

Last week our Coffee Break group thought about treasure - our treasure, God's treasure, where are treasure should be... But what would it look like if we really believed our treasure was in heaven? Would we see the world as a disaster area needing to be redeemed, our neighbors as casualties needing to be drawn into the fold... or would we simply ignore the state of the world as it's not where we belong? (23) Why Do We Judge? What would it look like if we really believed our treasure was in heaven? 1.        Would we be “so heavenly minded we’re no earthly use”?   How do we avoid that? 2.        Would we be so overwhelmed by the sins of the world we’d do everything in our power to change it? 3.        How did the Jewish leaders expect the Messiah to change the world? Does that change how we feel about changing it? 4.        What’s the connection between change and judgement? In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus moves on from telling us where our treasure should be to telli

What's Your Treasure?

We're closing in on the end of the Sermon on the Mount... and on the end of the Coffee Break season. We're looking at treasure, light, lamps, flowers, birds and more, and asking, What's Your Treasure? How will you answer? (22) What’s Your Treasure? Matthew continues Jesus’ sermon through several chapters. Luke splits the teaching, giving different parts on different occasions. Many Bible translations split the sermon up with headers, defining passages by verse numbers. Many Bible studies pick out particular verses from multiple locations and combine them with a single focus or theme. 1.        What do we gain or lose from the different ways the Bible is printed or read? 2.        How important is the choice of Bible translation to you? 3.        How important is it to have context for passages? (And does Matthew lose the context when he puts all the teaching in one place?) 4.        Is the Bible your treasure? 5.        What’s the difference between being kn