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Standing up for law, or love?

 Where do you stand, on that boundary between law and love? Which side will you be on when big decisions have to be made? What about when everything you thought you knew was good is under threat? It's worth looking where these guys were told to stand (or should that be kneel?). (99) Law and Love Last week we read to the end of the “last supper” narrative, but skipped the part between Judas leaving and the end of the feast. This week we’ll look at what Jesus said after Judas left. Read Luke 22:24-30 1.        Which people in the secular world are seen as “the greatest”? 2.        How do secular rulers persuade us to accept their authority? 3.        How should religious leaders persuade us to accept their authority? 4.        How should religious leaders persuade the secular world to care what they say? 5.        Do you want to lead? To judge? Or just to follow Him? John makes the “new commandment” even more explicit. Read John 13:31-38 1.        What does the new c

Are there Limits to Forgiveness?

  Revisiting the familiar... (98) The Last Supper Is Jesus about to eat the Passover meal with his disciples, or is this some other meal, during the week before Passover? Read Matthew 26:17, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7, John 13:1, 19:14-16 1.        Matthew, Mark and Luke describe a Passover meal (14 th /15 th Nissan), but John says the crucifixion takes place that day (so Jesus’ body had to be removed before sundown). Why would both timelines make symbolic sense? 2.        Do we have to make the timelines agree? Is it a problem if they don’t? 3.        What matters more—the day Jesus died, the fact that he died, or the reason that he died? Read Matthew 26:17-19, Mark 14:12-16, Luke 22:7-13 1.        Did you remember that Matthew doesn’t mention the man with the pitcher? Why might he not want to mention him? 2.        Do you suppose the man had already invited Jesus, or did Jesus invite himself? 3.        How secretive do you suppose Jesus’ arrangements had to be? 4.    

Is your world falling apart?

 Maybe Jesus' followers felt like the world was falling apart too... (97) Love and Betrayal The week is passing fast, even if it’s taking us weeks of Bible studies. Read Matthew 26:1-5, Mark 14:1-2, Luke 22:1-2. 1.        What would the atmosphere in Jerusalem be like at this point? 2.        Why would the authorities be particularly nervous? What kind of uproar did they dread? 3.        Read John 12:10-11 What would the atmosphere at Martha and Mary’s house in Bethany be like, if Jesus and the disciples are staying there, and the authorities are planning to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus? Read Exodus 12:1-6. Remember… John 12:1-3 Jesus was anointed six days before Passover, like a lamb passing inspection and having its feet cleaned. Two days before (given our different measures of days and nights) might be the point where the lamb is brought out and fully anointed for sacrifice. So now… Read Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9 1.        Simon the leper clearly isn’t a leper

Is there oil in your lamp?

  (96) When does Study give way to Action? Jesus preached to Jews and Greeks during that last crowded week before Passover. So now we’ll turn to some of his teaching to the Jews. Read Matthew 25:1-13 1.        What is the purpose of a lamp? Would a lamp be any use without oil? 2.        What is the use of the Bible? Is the Bible any use if we don’t read it? 3.        Did the foolish virgins’ lamps run out of oil, or did they never have any oil in the first place? 4.        When does it become easy to see if someone’s lamp has no oil in it? 5.        What gift do dark times give us? Is God giving us gifts in this present time? 6.        What is the point of this story: “Don’t share,” “Don’t carry a Bible without reading it”…? 7.        Were the disciples ready? Are we? Read Matthew 25:31-40 1.        Sheep and goats grazed together on the hills and were separated when brought down to the pens. Read Matthew 13:24-30 for a similar story. The wheat and tares are separa