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Are you one of the rich and holy?

Jesus ate with bad guys and women, but he also ate with the good guys of society. And sometime's a dinner's just a dinner, with time to talk, laugh, maybe heal someone, tell a story... So, welcome to the table! (70) Eating with the rich and holy Jesus doesn’t run away from those who might challenge him. He doesn’t stick to his own sort of people. Instead he accepts invitations, invites questions, offers lessons tailored to his audience, and even makes people laugh!—a friend, not an enemy. In today’s passage he goes for a meal with a ruler of the Pharisees. Read Luke 14:1-6 . The meal probably takes place in the courtyard of a great house, open to envious passers-by, and a sick man is in the crowd. Does Jesus bring the sick man with him, or does the sick man come to Jesus? (Some interpreters say the Pharisees brought him, but that would be very strange in their culture.) 1.        What’s the difference between causing offense and refusing to avoid causing offense? Which

Are you expecting the unexpected?

It's so easy to convince ourselves that if just this one thing is fixed, everything will fall into place. The broken world will be mended. Authorities will rule correctly. All will be well. Back around the year 30AD, lots of people were convinced that if only the Messiah would come... But perhaps they, and we, should have spent more time expecting the unexpected. (68) Expect the Unexpected The Messiah was expected to unify the state of Israel, kick out the Romans, and institute a perfect world, where everyone was ruled by God and the good guys always won. While we may not expect a perfect world in our lifetime, where do we look for improvements? What leaders do we expect/look for today? Which leaders do we put our trust in? In reality, Christ brought division, trouble and anxiety – Read Luke 12:49-53 . 1.        Do we expect God to destroy the earth or to save it? What does the world think we expect? What impression do we give the world? 2.        Do we expect God to sa