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Black Friday's Amazing Advent Deal

Have you bought the Advent calendars yet? Or made them? Or stuffed them with chocolates and treats? Do you know what you're going to do with your Advent calendar? Let the kids open windows whenever they like? Supervise the opening with long discussions of why there's only one a day , and don't steal from your sister ? Be glad the kids are busy for a moment while you plan your Christmas shopping? Or read a book... with the kids... with pictures... with a way to put the whole Bible back into one great Christmas month. If you've got the calendar already, and a handy e-reader at your side, here's your chance to enjoy 100 words a day, every day in December, and remember the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, all for less than a dollar (well, one cent less than a dollar.). Just go to and use the coupon code XH34Y at checkout. If you'd rather read in print, thanks to Createspace's new distri

Do you know...

Do you know what drinks Joseph and Mary would have enjoyed? Water, fruit juice, wine, beer? Do you know when Quirinius became governor of Judea? When Herod the great died? What census took place just before the first Christmas? Do you know what fruit Jesus might have eaten? Apples, grapes, figs, dates, oranges? Do you know where Jesus went to school? Do you know what happened shortly before Jesus was lost in the Temple? Do you know how to answer your kids when they ask too many questions?  Bethlehem's Baby includes author's notes for a reason. The author, me, wanted to know more than just "Jesus is the reason for the season." And whenever I said "I don't know," to the kids, I wanted a way to add to it, "Let's find out." Bethlehem's Baby is #6 in the Five Minute Bible Story(TM) Series from Cape Arago Press . #7 coming soon...