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Bored and in danger on the road from Bethlehem

Bethlehem's Baby is continuing its blog tour with posts all around the internet. Click here for more links. Meanwhile...if you'd like to tune your TV sets to the millennial Roman channel... here's your chance to enjoy another Sample Saturday . (Don't miss the other samples when you've read this... just follow the Sample Saturday link to the Facebook event.) Our intrepid reporter has been following a merchant caravan out of Israel. His last report said soldiers were following too, though it’s hard to imagine why King Herod would risk angering the Romans. So, Paul, do have any further comment for us now our cameras have caught up with you? We can see the merchants in the background with their camels. But do any of the other travelers seem likely to attract King Herod’s attention? Reporter Paul: No, they don’t. There’s a fisherman from up north, but I’ve looked into his background. He’s just a young guy seeking his fortune—says he can’t stand the smell o

Anatomy of a Five-Minute Bible Story

Welcome Virtual eBook Fair Goers. Don't forget to go back to the fair after reading this and enjoy a wealth of great new excerpts from great new authors. Then, please may I invite you to the blog tour for Bethlehem's Baby. You can follow this event on Facebook too: Five Minutes for Bethlehem's Baby Bethlehem's Baby is now available on: Amazon kindle: Barnes and Noble nook: Kobo: Smashwords: And you can find out more about the Five-Minute Bible Story TM Series on the publisher’s website: Since the tour's already started, I thought I'd make today's post a part of the Blog Tour, and answer the question: How do you write a childr