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What has Chess got to do with the Bible?

What has chess got to do with the Bible? And what have chess and the Bible got to do with a virtual ebook fair? Click on the picture to go straight to the fair. Or read on to see how a Bible Book of Chess teaches new players that first vital step... how to think about the chess board... available from Amazon kindle at In The Beginning A long time ago God made the world, and the trees and the flowers and the birds and the bees and the mountains and the seas.   One day God sent a flood to wash away all the bad things in the world. A man called Noah sailed a ship called an ark and landed on top of a mountain and was saved. The Board The chessboard is your world when you play chess. And the middle of the board is your mountain. Mountains are important in battles as well as in floods. Soldiers standing on high ground can see and shoot further. In chess you’ll find lots of your pieces are mo