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What Happens at the End of the Road?

It seems like Jerusalem has been falling for weeks in these Bible studies--for years in reality as we read "the ninth year" "the tenth" "the eleventh." But this week's study sees a kingdom destroyed, while a different type of kingdom takes root in the heart. I hope you're enjoying the journey as much as I am.
(37) Jerusalem Falls at last Ezekiel spends a lot of time (or a lot of writing) describing the fate of Jerusalem, but he’s not even in Jerusalem. Why is it such a big, time-and-page-consuming deal?
Can you list, from memory, the things that have been done wrong in Jerusalem? Can you list modern-day equivalents for each? Read Ezekiel 22:2-16
1.Verse 3. How do we shed blood?
2.Verse 4.How are we defiled with idols?
3.Verse 5.Are we a reproach to the nations / an infamous place?
4.Verse 7.Do we oppress strangers?
5.Verse 7.Do we care for widows and orphans, and for anyone else in need?
6.Verse 8.How do we mistreat sacred things?
7.Verse 9. How does sla…