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What Happens at the End of the Road?

It seems like Jerusalem has been falling for weeks in these Bible studies--for years in reality as we read "the ninth year" "the tenth" "the eleventh." But this week's study sees a kingdom destroyed, while a different type of kingdom takes root in the heart. I hope you're enjoying the journey as much as I am. (37) Jerusalem Falls at last Ezekiel spends a lot of time (or a lot of writing) describing the fate of Jerusalem, but he’s not even in Jerusalem. Why is it such a big, time-and-page-consuming deal? Can you list, from memory, the things that have been done wrong in Jerusalem? Can you list modern-day equivalents for each? Read Ezekiel 22:2-16 1.        Verse 3. How do we shed blood? 2.        Verse 4. How are we defiled with idols? 3.        Verse 5. Are we a reproach to the nations / an infamous place? 4.        Verse 7. Do we oppress strangers? 5.        Verse 7. Do we care for widows and orphans, and for anyone