Meeting a ghost?

 Last week our group followed Mary and Cleopas (or possibly some other unknowns) on the road to Emmaus and met a rather familiar stranger. They rush back to tell the disciples who they've seen, and, of course, no one quite believes them. The same old story. Until suddenly...

(112) Meeting the Risen Lord

The risen Jesus appears to the others as well.

1.      Read Luke 24:36-37 Does it surprise you that Jesus’ disciples believe in ghosts?

a.      Are wrong beliefs evil, or simply incorrect?

2.      Read Luke 24:38 Why were the disciples afraid? Why might they have been doubtful or unwilling to believe?

a.      When something good happens, do we sometimes doubt?

b.      What about when something bad happens?

3.      Read Luke 24:39-40, John 20:19-20  What’s so important about Jesus’ wounds?

a.      What’s so important about Jesus saying “Peace”?

b.      Do we have peace? What does peace enable us to do?

4.      Read Luke 24:40-43 What’s so special about Jesus’ eating?

a.      How does this story “prove” to the disciples that Jesus is alive?

b.      What “proof” of the resurrection has God given you?

c.      What “proof” of the resurrection are you most comfortable explaining to others?

5.      Read Luke 24:44-49 Where does the Old Testament fit into the story of salvation?

a.      Where does Israel fit into the story of salvation? Where does the rest of the world fit in?

b.      In what sense were the disciples “witnesses”? In what sense are we witnesses too?

c.      What help does Jesus promise they will be given? What help is given to us?

d.      Why is it sometimes good not to act straight away?

6.      Read John 20:21-23 In John’s version of the story, the disciples are “sent” now. Where are they being sent? And to whom?

a.      What promise or gift does Jesus give them?

b.      So… did they receive the Spirit then or at Pentecost? Is the Bible disagreeing with itself?

c.      Do we receive the Spirit once, or continuously?

d.      Given how close this is to the resurrection, what “sins” might the disciples be called to forgive right away? And how hard might those sins be to forgive?

e.      What sins are we called to forgive? Can we choose not to forgive?

Poor old “doubting Thomas” misses Jesus’ visit of course. Read John 20:24-29 Couldn’t Jesus have arranged his visit for sometime when all the disciples were there?

1.     Does being slow to believe make Thomas any less of a disciple?

2.     How do you suppose Thomas felt, having his story broadcast in the gospels?

3.     Do you remember when Thomas seemed quick to believe? (Read John 11:16)

4.     Are there “seasons” in your faith – times when it’s easy and times when it’s hard to have faith?

Read John 20:30-31 Do you wish more was written? Why or why not?


David C Brown said…
Many questions!
Does heaven contain the books written about Jesus? (John 21: 25).
I'm sure that God has wisely given us just what we need!

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