Sampling more from the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM)

Welcome to Sample Saturday again. Just click on the picture and follow the links to lots more wonderful samples from lots more books. Or click on the video and hear a story read from More Psalm Stories--75 stories and prayers inspired by Psalms 76 to 150. Or read on for excerpts from all five books in the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series. I hope you might spend more than five minutes enjoying my virtual booht and maybe, if so inspired, you might even buy a few books on kindle to share with your kids and grandkids.

Five-Minute Bible Stories--the perfect length at bedtime to have your children "asking for more."
Thirty-Second Prayers--the perfect length at bedtime before they go to sleep.
Cape Arago Press--the home of the Five-Minute Bible Stories Series (TM) and much much more.

Book 1: Genesis People. Meet characters familiar and unfamiliar from the book of Genesis and see them through a child's eyes: Click here to read sample stories from the book.

Book 2: Exodus Tales. Professor Colin Humphreys researched the details of the book of Exodus and presents an amazing analysis of where and how the Israelites traveled. But how would a child have seen this trip, waiting through the plagues of Egypt, following a column of smoke, eating manna off the ground (didn't you always tell your kids not to pick stuff up off the ground?)? Click here to read sample stories imagining their journey.

Book 3: Joshua's Journeys. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, but he also led the people across the Jordan when the river ran dry, planned the conquest of a hostile land, understood about claiming the high ground. Chaim Herzog and Mordechai Gichon analyze his battles wonderfully in All the Battles of the Bible. But what about those children following the soldiers, waiting on the edge of the battle field, longing to settle down. Click here to read sample stories about their lives.

Book 4: Psalm Stories. Have you ever been asked to tell the children a story in Sunday school, and make it fit the Bible readings for the day? I was, and I compiled my stories together, organizing them by psalm. By the end I had 150 tales, and Psalm Stories includes a story--contemporary, historical, futuristic, science fictional, everyday or strange--inspired each of the first 75 Psalms. Click here for a sample.

Book 5: More Psalm Stories. Because 75 stories is enough for one book, the second 75 are offered here. Click here to sample them.


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