That road to Bethlehem

With apologies for my continued absence from the internet--Bethlehem's Baby is part of my excuse, now entering the final edits phase (and wonderfully illustrated in gorgeous color for the ebook version--huge thanks to my publisher for finding such great images!) Nazareth Neighbors is another part of my excuse. I'm still writing it, but I've finished Part I and edited and re-edited it. I think you'll like it, when it's finally done. I think I'll like it too.

Weeds in the garden are another excuse. The sun keeps shining and the weeds keep growing till I'm sure I get two new dandelions for every one I pull out. But, on the plus side, the flowers are growing too and my first ever dahlia has just bloomed!

Then there's weeds in the words (editing), weeds in the internet (re-downloading broken programs), weeds in the washing (well, dirt anyway; I'm sure if I left it long enough weeds would grow), and even the occasional slug (not a weed I know) slipping in through the family room door. Do spiders eat slugs?

But I'm here,, and so is the Virtual EBook Fair, so click on the image (and sign into Facebook) to find great excerpts from lots of great summer reads. Then listen to the video below: I've just posted the first YouTube version of one my Bethlehem Stories. Enjoy!

That Five Minute Bible Story (TM) Series from Cape Arago keeps growing, and Christmas is coming!


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